Privilege is a thing we should maximize, not ignore

Privilege is something crucial we rarely talk about. The American dream and modern society are really taught us that we can achieve everything if we work hard enough. They’re not wrong, but they’re not completely right. Working hard can bring us forward, but adding privilege to your hard work will bring you further. Privilege is a tool that only selected people have. Privilege is an advantage life has given to some of us, and the existence of it in our life makes a significant impact.

The Role of Privilege

Privilege Is invisible for those who have it. That’s why people with privilege rarely acknowledge their privilege. They feel what makes them able to go to the top is their hard work and dedication. Little of them know, what makes them able to do that is also a privilege.

Privilege gives them access to work hard and allow them to focus on pursuing their goal. People think that what makes them success is their hard work in school. They forget that their ability to access proper education is a privilege alone. To be able to study and live in a supportive environment is a privilege. Not everyone has that.

If you want to understand more about the privilege to the extreme level, the most successful figure you see on tv is privileged person. Bill gates can be successful in the tech industry because her mom is a former board member at IBM and little bill had early access to study the computer system. And most artists you see on TV can be successful in their careers because they can focus on pursuing their career without worrying about bills when they started their careers.

But you don’t need to be that extremely privileged to reach your goals, take a lesson from Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano is one of the best football players right now, he’s among the top earners at football too. He grew up in poor family and everybody knows that. People put Cristiano as inspiration because people think he can go to the top with no privilege.

The truth is Cristiano has one small privilege. Cristiano’s dad works as a kit man in a local club. Cristiano was allowed to train in the training ground in the evening, and Cristiano seized this opportunity. He trained hard and can make football to earn money, his privilege also makes him to be more possible to be discovered by football talent scout that can make him accelerate his career.

From the two cases we’ve seen, just because these two are privileged doesn’t mean both bill gates and Ronaldo isn’t working hard enough. If they’re not aware of their privilege and they don’t maximize their privilege then they will not be at their current level right now.

Acknowledge your privilege and make the most of it

Working with privilege compared to working without privilege is like two people were given a task to dig a hole, people with privilege is like digging it with a shovel while others who don’t have privilege are like digging with bare hands. Both are working hard but those with privilege is much likely to earn greater result.

But privilege alone is nothing without hard work, people who were given a shovel cant dig a deep hole if he refuse to dig the hole, don’t understand how to use the shovel or don’t have the intention to dig a hole. Digging a deep hole, even equipped with a shovel is still requires determination, commitment, also hard work.

Theres no shame to acknowledge your privilege

If the task is to dig a hole, be smart and accept the privilege you have and take the benefit of it. Learn how to use the shovel the best way. And don’t be stupid to refuse to use the shovel just because you don’t wanna be seen being helped with a tool. To be aware of the privilege you have and being able to take the advantage of the resources you have is the key to improving your chance in achieving the goals you made.


Privilege is a tool that really can help you to live your life also you can use it to pursue your goals. Privilege comes in any form, it can be your gender, your skin color, your physical appearance, your family financial stability, your connection, your access to something that others don’t have. As long you have it without any effort for that and the existence of it helped you a lot, then it’s a privilege.

Acknowledge your privilege, be humble, understand others who don’t have it. Help them in the way that is possible for them. When God handed us privilege it means he’s giving us duty to help others to grow.

From now, take a look at what you have, what things that you can maximize, and seize every opportunity you have.

All writings are based on writer’s perspective.