How choosing well can help you get the best out of your choice

In this modern era, freedom is a symbol everyone pursues. We are determined to choose our own fate and pursue our dreams and desire. The broad of options in every aspect in life reflect what this society aspires to. In pursuing career, today we can be anything we want and go to every school we want. But back in the past, the choice was limited, in terms of career, son of a farmer was meant to be a farmer, but today a son of a farmer can become an accountant or even a pilot.

Besides plenty choices in career, lot of choices also involved in our lives. Our life is revolves around choice after choice, from small choices such as what cereal we want to eat at breakfast and what clothes we want to wear today, to big choices such as what car we should buy or where city we want to live.

Having a lot of choices is nice but we have to admit that making a decision is an exhausting job. And at a point we realize, the options that are faced to us are limitless meanwhile our energy to choose is limited and our time to decide is limited. And we realize to have too much choice is a burden rather than a privilege.

To have too much choice is a burden rather than a privilege.

Your tendency to choose

Today, people and media told us that we can be everything we want and market also provide us wide range of choice for us to choose. But in that overflowing of choice, how do we choose?

When we have to choose, we tend to rate positively something that familiar to us. Besides that we also read to reference and ask our colleagues for opinion towards choices we have. we also follow our feelings to decide something. To understand what makes us choose something, our decision is not always determined by explainable reason, unexplainable emotion also playing a part in making a decision.

Thus, what drives us to choose is a combination of familiarity, consideration, recommendation, our rational personal needs, with a touch of emotion.

Having too much choice is confusing, we sometimes spent a lot of time just to decide what to buy in supermarket (Sc: The Grocer)

How to decide well

We might have considered all the aspects when we decide to choose something but are we happy with the choice we made?

In deciding choice, better off we become a chooser rather than a picker. chooser is self-understanding orientation in deciding while picker is just to pick randomly and hope for the best of their choice. When you’re a chooser you know what you really want, you know the possibilities of your decision, how important it is and does it suit your value or not Being a chooser requires a lot of energy that’s why sometimes we turn into picker, and being a picker is okay as long in making a small decision such as deciding a restaurant to eat for lunch.

Being a chooser in making a decision is good. It means we really study the choices we have and understanding what suits the best for us. but we have to know that when choosers have to make a decision they will turn into a maximizer or satisficer.

In making a decision, maximizer will analyze everything and wanting their decision will be the best decision possible, they want to avoid regret in making a decision. They hate to see better option appears when the decision is taken. Being maximizer is good but it’s not effective because there’s always something better, and maximizer tends to regret more and less satisfied with the decision that already made.

Meanwhile a satisficer they have modest criteria of their choice, once an option appears and suits their criteria they will take it and ignore another possibility. They know a better option will appear but they happy with their decision because it suits their needs.

Choosing what car to buy requires a lot of effort because we consider lot of things and the decision we will make is going to stick with us for several years ahead. And better choice might appears after you purchase the car (Sc: Bestinau)

Comparison, high expectation, and regret

Sometimes even if you’re trying so hard to be satisficer, some regret cannot be avoided. And regret is not bad at all, it’s good in some aspects. It’s a sign that we aware that thing doesn’t turn as we expected and we learn to it in making better decision in the future.

The regret we feel over an experience or decision, mostly caused by our expectations towards the experience itself. When the experience doesn’t meet our expectations or the experience turned not as good as our previous experience. We tend to regret and don’t appreciate the experience. That’s why we have to keep our expectations low. If we keep our expectations high and keep comparing our experience to others then we cannot truly enjoy everything in life.

When we can appreciate every experience then we will be easily satisfied over any experience and If we can be grateful over what we have then we will be satisfied over it, no matter that others may earn more.

-> Conclusion

Understand what you want, choose what suits you the best for you. Once decisions are made, appreciate your decision and don’t compare what you have to what others have. It only will be causing dissatisfaction.

The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz (Sc: Amazon)

Ps: this article is a summary from The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz

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