Don’t Tell Your Plan to Others

Why plan you’ve told to others tend to fail

When we want to do something new, like starting a business or starting a diet. we are getting excited about it. We want to tell our friends, family or colleague about our plan.

But after you do it several times, you start to realize a strange pattern and see the plans you have told others failing one by one. The question is why that happens?

When you have a big plan, better be silent and keep it to yourself (Sc:

You’re running out of motivation

When you told others about plans you are going to do, at first, you are filled with high energy and motivation. But then when you do your plan, you are losing your motivation slowly. That’s because when you’re telling others about your plan, your subconscious mind is thinking that you have done your job, you are losing motivation because you already feel happy, satisfied, and you feel like you have made significant progress. but the truth is you haven’t started anything.

Others expectation is killing us

Telling others about your plan is only resulting others putting their expectation over you. You told others about your plan until the detail about your aim and strategy. But the thing is no one asked you to tell them about the plan. And because you tell them anything, they expect something from you.

When you work under a big expectation, you cannot perform well because you are too afraid to fail. And when you’re too afraid to fail, you avoid doing some experiment that might bring you far.

The proof why expectation is killing people is in a sports match, an underdog team often beats more superior team because they play with no pressure, with no expectation, they perform well without being nervous.

How to avoid plan to fail

If you haven’t told others, keep your plan to yourself. Work in silence. You have no pressure on you. It’s okay to fail and you won’t feel so ashamed if you fail. You can do some radical experiment and it might bring you far. You can walk and learn. A small setback is okay, but keep walking forward.

If you have told others, you have pressure on you, but don’t let pressure break you. The pressure you have is a motivation for you to prove something to them. Remember, you have done nothing. Do the plan you have told them. You don’t have to prove to them that you will succeed, but you only have to prove to them that you’re making progress. And while you making progress, stop telling others about your next move.

Telling others about our plan Is a bad idea because we will lose our motivation. People also will expect something from us, and expectation is killing us. The best thing to do when about to start a plan is to keep the plan to yourself and work in silence.

All writings are based on writer’s perspective.