Being an entrepreneur: are you sure?

Being an employee or employer, what suits the best for you?

Since we were kid, boys always be fascinated by superhero movies and action movies. And most of superheroes and actor in that action movie using supercar as their vehicle. From that moment, boys fell in love with cars, especially supercar. And most kid always be excited whenever they saw ferrari or lamborghini passing by the street. As time goes by that kid interest in cars growing, from playing hot wheels, or racing games and until they grow up they afford the real car. The thing is, not everyone can afford the dream car they’re used to dream.

Boys were raised by their parents to like cars and boys stuff, and kid tend to interested to bright colors that’s why boys love that shiny supercars (Pic source:

Some kid are serious enough about their passion in cars, they work hard enough and sacrifice anything to reach that dream. Their focus is not only on the cars, they’re focus on what brings them to the dream. They’re serious about their career and learn from the best to be there. Most of them know one of the many ways to earn that huge amount of money is by running a business. So they run a business seriously to win that dream.

For everyone who interested in entrepreneurship, they must understand enough about asset and liability. If you don’t have any idea about asset and liability, assets are the items your company owns that can provide future economic benefit. Liabilities are what you owe other parties. In short, assets put money in your pocket, and liabilities take money out of your pocket. That’s why if you look at most businessmen or entrepreneurs they rarely wear fancy stuff or owning fancy cars because its value decreasing over time and it doesn’t benefit them financially. So the first thing they do when they have money is to invest them in their business or invest them in instrumental investment such as stocks, land, or property, that’s how they become rich. And the time they reached the very top they’re willing to afford those shiny things since it doesn’t take alot of money from their pocket.

Expectation vs the truth

Most of our motivation to start a business because we want to be our own boss, we don’t want to work 9am-5pm 8 hours a day, we don’t want to stuck in a routine, we don’t want to deal with our annoying boss or even coworker, and we want to get a better income. But little of us know when you be your own boss, you’re the one in charge of everything in your career, your determination, self-discipline will decide whether you will win on this game or lose before even started. When you start your business you will not work 8 hours a day, but you will work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week without a weekend. You will pour everything you have into the project you working on.

Jeff Bezos in his early days building amazon (pic source:

Running a business is full of uncertainty, running a business is a gamble, a gamble with prediction and calculation. You sell a product and no one can guarantee that you will sold all of your products, even if you sold all your product no one will guarantee you will repeat your achievement.

Its something common and most businessmen know about this, the early years of starting a business is not going to be easy, the struggle will be hard and you’re the one who fights the most for ur business. When you talk to businessmen or entrepreneurs about what’s business be like when they start it, most of them will say it full of struggling with debt, living in a tight budget, to trying so hard to be not broke. But after that, once they get settled with all, things will be easier but still full of uncertainty.

Take note that no one guarantee you will pass that hard phase of starting a business, most of them quit after that frustrating times, the rest of them are stupid enough to suffer in that phase for a quite long time and just to lose more, and only little of them can pass that phase and become a successful businessman.

Employee or employer?

And now let’s talk about working for other people and not being a businessman or entrepreneur. After my searching about entrepreneurship things, It comes to a summary: everyone is unique and not everyone is built for entrepreneurship. You can still work for people and be succeed, I’ve met a lot of successful people, not everyone is a businessman, some of them are work for big company and still made their way to the top.

Plus if you’re working to other people and you made yourself to the top you will get paid properly and in some case, you will get the same amount of money as someone who running a business, and you have nothing to worry about your future because you already knew you will get a similar amount of money the next month and the following month.

Once I took a quick fun poll on my social media, imitating a famous game show on an Indonesian local TV channel called super deal 2 milyar, the game is simple, you’re offered two options, a small amount of money cash or 20% chance of winning a huge amount of money (you have to pick one out of 5 random options) so I made a poll between winning 5 mio cash or 30% chance of winning 100 mio. And 70% of them choose to win 5 mio cash, it shows most of us are not willing to take a huge risk and prefer to play safe even it’s mean you only win little, It’s okay. While true businessman is willing to take huge risks in order to win huge. It shows people orientation is different to each other and we were built different. So understand yourself, what you really want.

In the end, we know being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, and to people please stop over glorifying entrepreneurship because everyone is built different, some of them perform best when they’re being managed by other people because they’re doer, and some of them were gifted a vision and ability to plan something because they’re a thinker. Whatever you choose, being a doer or thinker nothing superior one to another. For the fact, being an entrepreneur at the grassroots level it takes you to be a doer and thinker at the same time since you’re in charge of everything in your business especially if you start alone and bootstrapping to start your business.

And for those who still in doubt to decide their career, to be a professional or to be a businessman. Take your time, take what interests you, because you will stick to your career for the rest of your life, no career is easy whether you be an entrepreneur or be a professional, everything has its own problem, choose the problem you prefer to deal with. No success comes fast, when the time has come every career is profitable. It shouldn’t be your main objective to succeed at 20’s. to be 20's is to learn new things to discover places you’ve never been to. To start everything you never did. To know who you are, to find your purpose in life.

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