Why plan you’ve told to others tend to fail

When we want to do something new, like starting a business or starting a diet. we are getting excited about it. We want to tell our friends, family or colleague about our plan.

But after you do it several times, you start to realize a strange pattern and see the plans you have told others failing one by one. The question is why that happens?

When you have a big plan, better be silent and keep it to yourself (Sc: Art.com)

You’re running out of motivation

When you told others about plans you are going to do, at first, you are filled with high energy and motivation. But then when you do…

How choosing well can help you get the best out of your choice

In this modern era, freedom is a symbol everyone pursues. We are determined to choose our own fate and pursue our dreams and desire. The broad of options in every aspect in life reflect what this society aspires to. In pursuing career, today we can be anything we want and go to every school we want. …

To see flaw not as a burden but as advantage

To grow up differently to the others is not easy, people that born with unusual genetic disease, different physical conditions, or born into a financially struggling family can understand this. They see life as being unfair to them. They don’t get the opportunity others get easily, they don’t have the privilege like others. To live a “normal” life they have to show more effort than the others. Sometimes they feel frustrated with life because they’re so helpless in facing this condition.

Flaw is a perception

Your condition is a real thing, your flaw is…

Explanation about beauty conception and it’s relation to public taste.

We know a thing is beautiful when we see it, but when we have to explain what makes it beautiful suddenly we don’t know what beauty is. The awe we feel is Indescribable, like when we see an object such as a painting. We love it without able to describe what makes it beautiful.

For years philosophers also mathematician trying to find an answer to this beauty case. Aesthetic, also geometry are being used trying to explain what makes things beautiful. Is beauty subjective or objective?

Beauty is Objective

According to Plato, to…

A Summary from : Studies in pessimism by Arthur Schopenhauer

Pessimism according to Merriam webster is the doctrine that reality is essentially evil or the doctrine that evil overbalances happiness in life. But nothing wrong with being a pessimist, it’s just a way to see life. Pessimistic people believe that pain is positive and pleasure is negative, because pleasure makes us crave for more, and too much pleasure will turn pleasure to be not nearly so pleasant as we expected, and pain becomes more painful as what it should be (because people is not getting used to it). …

A summary from: On Shortness of Life by Seneca

In this book, Seneca told us that people tend to feel that their life is short, but those who feel life is short are the ones who waste their time. The ones who use their time effectively won’t feel the life is short because they know how to live life to the fullest, and the time that life gave to them is enough.

This book talks mostly about stoicism and minimalism. That people shouldn’t be greedy because human’s basic needs are simple and people should not too attached to anything because…

A summary from: The outline history of America

I read this book because a few years ago someone told me this superpower America used to be a country full of the outcast. And I wonder how outcast, a group of people rejected by European society can build a superpower country surpassing Europe itself and become the most powerful country in the world?

The Outline of American History by USIA (United States Information Agency)

This book was released by USIA (United States Information Agency) in 1995 and this book telling stories about American history mostly from a politic and economic perspective in 400+ pages. …

A summary from : Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

Have you ever wonder about how the world become like this? What factors shaped today’s social, economic, and political system of a country? Why some country becomes more advanced than the rest? And what I found interesting is why most advanced country is caucasian country? People from the past argue that the reason is caucasian race is more superior to other races that’s why their country become a strong and advanced country. But is that right?

Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

The reason why this book is written started with a question from yali…

I got infected covid-19 and here are the life lessons I learned from it

Covid-19 has been around for years, millions of people have been infected from around the world. The government has tried so hard to prevent the outbreak by closing public places for days or even months. But in the end, the economy has to be recovered and we have to do activity like before. Some are lucky enough to be not infected and some have to be the part of millions of people around the world to experience covid-19.

Among millions of people, I am one of…

Choosing the right motivation to avoid things from losing their meaning

In work, motivation playing a huge role in determining the results. Strong motivation makes people dedicated to their work and being persistence in what they are working on. When you already have a great effort, great results are just a matter of time. In short, strong motivation leads to great effort and great effort leads to great results.

No motivation is wrong, as long it pushed you forward, it’s good for you. But sometimes, at some point. Your motivation lost its meaning and you lost your eagerness in work…

Senopati Diinan

Writings are based on writer’s perspective.

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